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Our mentor program is a pivotal aspect of our overall curriculum. Mentors server as a cornerstone of support for cadets as they return to their traitional routines once they graduate from the academy.

Mentor Application

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an extremely important assett to our academy and to the cadets who benefit from those mentors. Mentors serve as a guidepost for cadets after they graduate from the residential phase of the academy. Mentors are responsible for guiding cadets towards their goals after they leave the ACA.

Each cadet, while enrolled at the academy, will formulate a well thought out plan for success. This goal is a set of directions towards the dreams and visions each cadet has of their future. Mentors are there to keep them goal oriented to completing this guide and realizing their dreams.

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Volunteers for the mentor program are required to meet certain criteria in order to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the program as a whole. 

Mentor Application

Mentor Application

Use the portal below to submit a mentor application or download the physical application in pdf form.

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Mentors are required to complete a familiarization trainingin order to guarantee they enter the program with all the tools necessary to foster success in their mentee.

Mentor Training

Mentor Training

Use the portal below to submit required mentor training verification. Additionally, mentor training material can be found by downloading their documents using the button below.

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Mentors will be responsible for maintaining contact with their mentees and submitting monthly reports so that academy personnel can ensure continued improvement and progress towards goals.

Mentor Report

Mentor Reports

Use the portal below to submit monthly mentor reports.