What is a mentor? A mentpr is someone who has an interest in seeing the youth of our nation succeed. Specifically for our program, a mentor is someone who is willing to volunteer to be a positive role model for one of our graduates. Each cadet is required to have a mentor in order to graduate. We utilize mentors to ensure cadets have a smooth transition back onto the road to success.



We request that mentors meet certain minimum requirements in order to ensure the quality of the mentor program. Mentors must:

-Be 21 years of age
-Be of the same sex as the cadet
-Not live in the same household as the cadet
-Live in the same generasl area as the cadet
-Not be immediate family
-Never have been convicted as a sex offender or facing pending charges
-Not have a felony record or pending charges
-Be drug and alcohol free

A background check will be requested and paid for by the Appalachian Challenge Academy



- Attend a minimum 4 hour regional training class
- Serve as a role model and friend to the cadet and ensure he/she remains on course to success for the 12 month following graduation
-After graduation, make regualr contact with the cadet. Ideally, this will be 4 times a month and can be any form of contact ranging from face-to-face to social media.
-Submit reports to the cadet’s case manager monthly.
-Serve as a mentor for 12 months following cadet’s graduation.

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If you’re still here, we think you have what it takes. We think you have the heart and determination to make the world a better place by ensuring the success of our cadets as they enter the world anew. If you would like to apply to become a mentor at the Appalachian Challenge Academy, please fill out an application here